Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Moment I'll Never Forget

     My little niece Abby was born on Tuesday the 15th. I'm so excited to be an aunt. It all started when Alyssa called on Monday afternoon about 15 minutes after we got out of school, I answered and she said " We're going to the hostipal right now." "What? Really?" I prettymuch screamed. "Yes, Is mom home?" she answered. " No, but I can run and tell her. Seriously are you kidding me?" I said without breathing. " No you don't have to get mom, and it might be awhile until I have the baby, we are just driving there now, I hope your excited to be an aunt. Bye." That's when I felt that I was an aunt and the baby wasn't even born yet.
     The next day we had breakfast and my dad said when we walked up. " Good morning uncle's and aunt's." "What? She had the baby? Why didn't you wake me?" I said. " She had her around 3:00a.m. today." He replied. "What's her name?" Josh asked. "Abby Lynn Ackerman." My mom said. I was freaking out in my head I could barley even do anything. I was now an aunt.
     That day after school all of us except Haylee, and Morgan who were working went up to Idaho Falls to go see Abby. After a long car ride up we were at the hostipal. We had to wash our hands right when we got in. Then Josh got to hold her first because he asked Alyssa a long time before Abby was born. I got to hold her next she was the most cutest thing my hands could ever hold. This was my first time holding Abby and I loved it. Next Brooke held her. Then Kendon. Grandma Bonie who is now even more great then she was before held her next. My mom who is now a grandma held Abby for what seemed like for ages and didn't want to let her go. Than Grandpa Lance Harrison held Abby next even though he sometimes doesn't like to show it I could tell that he never wanted to let her go. The parents let all the little kids hold her again. I can't wait to see little Abby again, and the first time I held her is absoulutley a moment I'll Never Forget.

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