Friday, August 21, 2015


My friends and I decided to go on an end of summer photo shoot. Most of our pictures we were goofing around so here are the ones that turned out.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

New York Part 2

 From the top of the Met

 Had to pose like Serena and Blair on Gossip Girl
 Van Gogh
 Egyptian art is beautiful

 New York made me fall in love with yellow
 Central Park

 Rode the subway for the first time
 The highline

 Evie is the cutest girl ever

 Times Square lights
 Grand Central Station is the prettiest train station ever

We look homeless after a long day of walking

After the first long day of touring New York we went for a second round. We started out at the Met. I could've stayed in there forever. The art was so, so, so beautiful. I wish we could've had a full day to just look at all the exhibits. We went over to Central Park, across the street from the Met. It is so big. I had to wrap my head around to immensity of everything in New York coming from small Preston. We rowed in the row boats in Central Park. Then walked around some more and listened to a violinist-Abby was hooked on watching that. After Central Park we walked to the High Line. It was so amazing to see the old railway turned into a park. It was much more fun to walk on that then down on the New York streets. We walked across the High Line to see Times Square. It was amazing but overwhelming. The only other time I've seen that many people on a street is in Vietnam. It was so packed and claustrophobic. We had McDonald's for dinner there. Once we had regained strength we walked to our final destination: Grand Central Station. It was so beautiful. I couldn't believe how pretty it was for a train station. After the long day we all crashed once we got home. My feet had blisters the next day, but it was all worth it. I think we set the record for seeing most New York sites in two days. I really want to live in New York now. I'm in love with it.

New York Trip Part 1

 Greenwich Village
 The Friends apartment
 Brooklyn Bridge

 Trinity Church
 Twin Tower memorial

 Freedom Tower
The Ackerman family moved to Connecticut last year for Dustin's job. We decided to take a trip out to them. It was quite the endeavor. The road trip started in Preston, Idaho with a packed car of eight people, bulging suitcases, and bountiful food. Siri said it would be thirty-three hours but with our stops we had every five hours it was more like thirty-six. Instead of sleeping in a hotel, we made the mad decision to drive through the night so we could make it there faster. The only stops were for gas and bathroom breaks. We had food on the seats so we could eat on the way. Every stop standing felt like walking for the first time. I get really car sick so I kept the motion sickness bottle next to me and took those a lot. I kept myself busy with Paper Towns and we listened to Taylor Swift 1989 album one hundred times or more. Being from small Preston it was mind-blowing to have toll booths. We finally made it to Connecticut, all of us exhausted. We fit nine of us in a two bedroom apartment, it was pretty impressive. The fist few days of our trip we stayed in Connecticut and played with Evie and Abby. Then we had two days to go into New York. The first day we drove around for an hour looking for a parking place but ended up going to a parking garage. We first saw Greenwich Village to look at the Friends apartment because we are obsessed with that show. We walked through China Town (which reminded me of our Vietnam experience) then walked to the Brooklyn Bridge. We made a few stops along the way to end up at Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. Then we walked to the Twin Towers memorial and the Freedom Tower. Finally we drove home. One thing being in New York taught me is you walk everywhere. I was so dead by the end of the day. I felt like passing out. That was the first day in New York. Just when I thought my feet couldn't handle anymore sightseeing, we 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Abby's Birthday

 The "forced" smile

 The forced smile keeps getting better and better

 Evie and me twinning in pink and white

Because the Ackermans are here we decided to celebrate Abby's birthday since they won't be out for her birthday. We went on a walk and played outside. Abby was very excited for her chocolate cake. She got a Cinderella wand and carried it around everywhere and kept pointing it at people. Whenever you asked what age she was she said, "May 15" (her birthday). I'm so happy we could spend time with Abby for her early birthday.